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Stata Audio


Stata Audio is dedicated to the art of capturing acoustic music in a way that conveys the emotional excitement of the performance and energy of the room.  Our goal is to make palpable recordings that reach out from the speakers and grab the listener.

We work with the artists to craft a picture of what they want to convey- selecting appropriate acoustic venues, details of sound,  presentation, and visual aesthetics, to highlight their unique voice. 



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JAMES R. OESTREICH, The New York Times “The Best Classical Music Recordings of 2016” (Acis: Songs of Struggle & Redemption, Burton/Gumbs)

"A beautiful and loveable disc"

"this may be the perfect recording for listeners who really want to hear every detail of these pieces."

Livestream Video

Putting on a concert?

Broadcast your concert over the internet!  reach a wider audience, let your older patrons stay home in comfort and safety.  There are flexible and affordable solutions for any concert, please reach out through the contact form



We use the most up-to-date recommendations from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for risk assessment and PPE during the course of any filming or recording session.

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